5 amazing locations to elope in Germany

It’s no secret that Germany can take your breath away with its natural beauty, not to mention its castles that once inspired fairy tales. The country offers incredible locations for elopements, and for most of them there is no need for a fee or hike the highest mountain to already have a scenic spot for your special moment. I’ve compiled 5 amazing elopement locations in Germany for you to consider, and this small list includes places in different regions and for different tastes and styles:


elopement alps germany

Berchtesgaden is in fact a region within Bavaria, where the alps can be contemplated only a couple of hours away from Munich. It’s the home of the famous Könnigsee, Hintersee and the exclusive Obersee, and I say exclusive because it can only be reached by boat or hiking. How about that for an adventure elopement?

Besides being stunning in every season of the year, the region also offers enough infrastructure to make your elopement happen. There are hotels, guest houses and Airbnbs, restaurants and cafes, but at the same time there are places where there will only be the two of you. Depends on what you are seeking.

Neuschwanstein Castle

elopement neuschwanstein germany

The beloved Neuschwantein Castle (don’t worry if you can’t even pronounce the name) is only a couple of hours away from Munich, and it’s located near a very picturesque and pretty little town called Füssen. The castle is located on the top of a mountain, from where you can see the alps and beyond on a clear day. Around the castle, hikes for every level of hiker is possible, and secret hidden spots make up for incredibly unique views.

Here infrastructure is also no problem, and accommodation vary from traditional guest houses to luxurious spa hotels offering morning views to the castle from your room.


elopement eibsee germany

One of the most stunning lakes in the country, very popular among couples for both engagements and elopements. The Eibsee is located at the foot of the tallest mountain in Germany, the Zugspitze, only less than 2 hours from Munich. The water is crystal clear and the view to the Zugspitze is like no other.


elopement sylt germany

If you ever wondered how beaches in Germany look like, or if you never knew there are islands in Germany, well, wonder no more. Sylt is probably the most famous islands that belongs to Germany, located in the north part of the country, in the North Sea. Dunes and sand beaches, local flora, stunning sunsets, light houses, quietness (for the most part of the year) old harbors, green lands and, of course, the ocean, makes Sylt a beautiful and unique elopement location in Germany.

A winery at Pfalz or Rheingau

elopement winery germany
Image Source: Weingut Robert Weil

For wine lovers or couples searching for an unusual elopement location in Germany, here is an idea: how about eloping in the middle of a winery at Pfalz or Rheingau? These two regions located in the center of Germany offer amazing wineries and beautiful views of grape wine plantations. Some wineries even have their own guest house.

How amazing would it be to read your vows in the middle of a grape wine field or on a little hill overlooking the plantation in the sunrise or sunset then celebrating it with a lot of wine? Temping isn’t it?

If any of these location spoke directly to you, let’s make that elopement happen. I’d be more than happy to help you plan and to register your big day.

5 amazing locations to elope in Germany